deal or be dealt

lately there seems to be a non-stop rush of things that are just essentially out of my control. it’s like someone really wants me to learn that I have no real control of my life because there are way too many variables. there is a higher power that is supposed to be guiding me the right way to make the right choices. but i think that in itself complicates everything.

life is so fragile. i know that we have so many songs and quotes that want to shy away from that very fact. but it is. i am not trying to say that it is so fragile that you have to live carefully but more along the lines of remembering that each and every thing that you do or say to someone has substance. it is all you leave with the world when you are gone.

i recently (literally it has been this past week where things have just been spiraling out of control) have had to deal with different hardships and see other people mourn the loss of someone i had the privilege of knowing in high school. i’ve also had to accept that no one is really going to always have the right thing to say but it is their presence that is more valuable. i am so appreciative of the few people in my life that i feel totally comfortable with going to about what has been going on in my personal life.

i guess i just needed a space to let my mind roam free so thank you if you are reading this.. maybe this touched you somehow. if it does, i just want you to put on “Sleep On The Floor” by The Lumineers..and you’ll just know. we can share that moment. If the sun don’t shine.. we will still find our way. We have to because we either deal with what we are dealt with or it will deal with us. tumblr_oommd0kopn1w6p2tpo3_500