lights will guide you home

Being a freshman in college and listening to Coldplay.. it could make anyone melancholic or wildly comforted. Whenever I am away from home I never really think about how wildly thankful I should be that I chose a university that was a little under 2 hours away from home my family.

Some things that I have learned so far (now that my first semester of college has come to an end, whew):

  • always call your mom. no matter what time it is, she will still save those voicemails to hear whenever she misses you and that warms my heart.
  • don’t be afraid to say no. Yes, college is about exploration and learning new things but if your beliefs are being tested just because it’s what everyone else is doing, it 98% of the time, is not worth it.
  • on the other side of the coin, say yes more. Say yes to loving yourself and not comparing every little attribute of someone else to yourself. Say yes to another episode of Criminal Minds because Matthew Gray Gubler. Also because I learn valuable things all the time like how important a panic code really is. For example in the episode the code was PEPPER & her mom knew right away when she got that text that her daughter needed help. Clever, right? Say yes to that early (9am is early to college students okay?) workout. Your mind and body will thank you for it! also say yes to that boho off the shoulder dress..and link me to it because my online shopping needs an update 🙂
  • everything at the Market is super expensive. Learn to get the healthiest and cheapest things because hoarding all those chips and mints are doing nothing good in your drawer just because you want to spend your daily allowance of your meal plan.
  • study. i mean really study before midterms and finals. it seems easy enough but studying is different than it was in high school & habits die hard so might as well start off fresh with some positive ones. (I managed to pull my B- to a solid B in Statistical Methods because I studied sooner than I normally did!)
  • office hours are your friend, they really are and even if you feel that your professor gives you a certain “look” if you don’t get the concept the first time, remember that effort will never betray you.
  • making friends can be hard, but as my dad says, “If you are out searching for your friends, you’re doing it wrong. You did not get your closest high school friends by doing that; be open and yourself and let them come to you.”
  • this should be obvious but take your vitamins!! it is so so easy to catch a cold or something else eghm *shower sandals please!!*                                                                      Being back home has it’s benefits and nothing beats a home cooked meal. Until the arrival of Spring semester.. know your worth in this New Year. You don’t have to wait until it’s 2016 to do that thing you have meaning to do or learn or see. Observe and cultivate! ~